Chapters[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Drawn To You[edit | edit source]

Your regular life as a waitress is flipped upsidedown when you're invited into the Urban Mansion to be the muse of a famous painter. But not everything is as it seems...

Chapter 2: A Fresh Start[edit | edit source]

It's your first day in the mansion and things are already getting heated. Do you have what it takes to model for Aaron?

Chapter 3: The Perfect Pose[edit | edit source]

Posing for Aaron takes a turn when you find something mysterious in his art studio...

Chapter 4: The Fire[edit | edit source]

A fire started in your room! But was it an accident?

Chapter 5: An Uninvited Guest[edit | edit source]

Just as things were heating up between you and Aaron, his ex-wife is back! What does she want?

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